About Us

About Us

At QiLaritySoap,com, we believe in family, quality relationships, and authenticity. We are against the woke, social engineering being forced upon us regular folks by the "so-called" elite. There is nothing elite about them. They are tyrannical psychopaths forcing a destructive agenda. We have experienced the woke degeneration of multiple communities we have lived in: the greater Portland, Oregon area and the greater Denver, Colorado area. We finally escaped to Texas.

We launched QiClaritySoap.com in 2023 to give ourselves, our family, friends, and others a non-woke company alternative to something everyone needs and most use - cleaners and soap, Why cleaners and soap you may ask?

We are bombarded continually by pollutants in our environment, our food, our air, our water, our cleaners, and soaps, etc. The human body is of amazing design and can deal with many, many things it is exposed to. However, recent data reveals that life expectancy in the U.S continues to decline vs comparable countries while we spend almost double per capita!

Clearly, some things are wrong! Personally, we and members of our family experienced health issues. Many were resolved when we switched to a healthier diet based on clean foods and water and a healthier environment by reducing use of toxic, industrial-chemicals found in so many products.

Nowadays, we are also dealing with a toxic and unhealthy social environment foisted on us by the industrial establishment polluting not only our environment and persons, but using our hard-earned money to support and fund the woke agenda. Many of these companies provide so-called "natural" products that are full of potentially dangerous industrial-chemicals. They poison our bodies with products we buy from them and use the profits to poison our minds, our society, and our environment with their industrial-chemical processes. As the data on your life expectancy shows, what they are doing is killing your life energy or Qi while we spend more and more on healthcare in a losing battle. Enough. Time to break the cycle.

But what can the average person (We The People) do? What we decided to do was create QiLaritySoap.com. We named it QiLarity since we are bringing Clarity to you to help you reclaim and rebuild your life energy (Qi) by providing you a healthy, clean alternative to something many use every day - soap in various forms. QiLarity is pronounced just like the word clarity.

We are also taking a no-apologies approach to our product naming and marketing. It's time for us, We The People, to stand up and take our country back from these tyrannical psychopaths. We shall be silent no more. We need to break the cycle. The time is now.

At QiLaritySoap.com we take a transparent approach to our company and your experience with us. Look at our FAQ, our blog, videos, etc. We will not hide information about our products, ingredients, processes, etc. We will provide information and references to help you become more informed and knowledgeable. We will not hide behind nor use terms such as "natural" in a deceitful manner. We will strive to treat you like we like to be treated. Deal?

As our company grows, we plan to give back to our community. We will use profits to combat wokeness and contribute to a life-enhancing, clean, positive energy experience in as many ways as is feasible.

If some of this matches your values, then we appreciate you and ask you to join us and participate in the process of taking our country back.

Thank y’all for reading!

The QiLaritySoap.com team, Washing the Wokeness Away!